Email Newsletter #25: Tweet tweet! Early Bird Special for Valentine’s Day

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Email Newsletter #25: Tweet tweet! Early Bird Special for Valentine’s Day 

Heya Monster lovers,

Its been a while. I thought I’d take a few weeks off after the hectic that was this holiday season. I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people and doing one-off events, as well as working on some jewelry repair and special commissions; so please let me know if you have any school fundraiser functions or a need for costume jewelry repaired.

Yesterday I was vending at two different events, and both were fairly quiet, so I thought that it would be beneficial for my customers to get special deals. I am offering 20% of regular pricing under the guise of an early bird Valentine’s Day special. The  coupon code is VDAY20OFF. Last year you might recall my rant about too much pressure on guys to make things perfect. I hope that this year you put that into practice and heed the advice of Bill S. Preston of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and, “be excellent to each other” (though they blatantly stole the phone both time travel from Doctor Who, the advice is sound). I would also like to see my single folks take care of themselves and not stress out about a Hallmark Holiday – do something nice for yourself because you’re awesome. With that said, if you want something shiny – come see me. I might have something the ladypies like.

Here’s a great Sterling Silver necklace available in my e-store

only $24 after discount applied. Regular price, $30.

I love you all and I hope that I see you soon. Text me if you’d like to hang out soon and please email me if you’ve got vending opportunities.

Handmade Love,

Dani ~ Artisan
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May 10th Art Walk ~ Almost filled

This month we went from the usual large space split between 10 people, to a prime space in the front split between 5 people. We have myself, BeadzandBloomz’ BBLuxe line, Unique Inspirations, and a new creative Sabel Designs up in the house. We have space for one more creative and I’m hoping that someone applies soon. I thought we had a gal that does nerdy handmade items, but that fell through. Still looking for our fifth. Tell your friends!


Fiverr ~ a broke girl’s best friend

Fiverr is a cool place to buy and sell $5 gigs.  The payment is delayed by 14 days after approval, but other than that the opportunity to earn some cash is fabulous. I made about 10 gigs, and cut them down to six after a week. The most popular gigs I’ve done involve writing reviews for products and services.

Here are my current fiverr gigs:

I will write a mature break up letter for $5

I will rt, Share, G+ you for one week as a big fan for $5

I will help you write wedding vows for $5

I will mail out classy handmade earrings for $5

I will review/critique/upgrade your resume for $5

I will write a 50+ word review of your company and or product for $5

I will draw a sharpie doodle of your likeness for $5

suggestions are welcome.

Should you want to try Fiverr I suggest reading carefully and really doing research about what to offer, turn-around time, and honesty.

DaniMonster stomps into WordPress *rawr!*

I’ll just go ahead and jump right in. MyDaniMonster Jewelry is moving along with gigs lately. I have one coming up for Mother’s Day – Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk on May 10th from 5 – 11pm.  Info & RSVP here.

Located on the corner of 4th and Main at the Medallion

@ 334 South Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

We are in space #334-5004

This month we are running a MOTHERS DAY SALE – 20% off!
Come visit and take home jewelry, accessories, clothing, and more for the mommy in your life.

Handmade Boutique Creatives:

MyDaniMonster Jewelry (hosting)
The Ring Baron (RedSeth) – glass fusion pendants
Beautiful Baubles
Unique Inspirations
Sabel Designs


I ART U DTLA is an urban shopping event currently held once a month in conjunction with the DTLA Art Walk. Our mission is to be a catalyst for emerging creatives by throwing classy and fun art centric events.

L.A.’s finest artists, designers, and live performers come together and take over the corner of 4th and Main to bring you an afternoon of community FREE ART and DANCE classes followed by a night of art, live entertainment, fine food and drinks. The fun begins at 2pm. Shops open at 5pm. We will be closing down around 11pm.

This indoor and outdoor venue gives you space to breathe as you move through the galleries and convenient on-site parking. Enjoy over 100,000 square feet filled with Art, Fashion, Jewelry, Crafts, & Music.