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Invitation to apply for Incendium Night Club

Invitation to apply for Incendium Night Club

August 24th, 2012 7pm – 2amIn Ventura, CA ~ age 21+ only

Full Details at the jump

Who: Vendors and artists are welcome to apply for spots at Incendium night club.
When: Friday 8/24/12 7pm – 2am
What: OPENING NIGHT at night club plus vending art & craft or showing art.
Theme: Passion
Guest list:  You get a plus one, make sure its your helper. Make sure to give the promoter your +1 name so that they are on the list.
Promotion: is mandatory

I am not affiliated with this event but I may vend if time allows.

Handmade Love,

Dani Shriver ~ Artisan
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Aah! Attention! Hide! My blog entry went further into the internet than I thought

I didn’t mean for anything to viral and have an audience so large regarding this blog, otherwise I would have censored the language and clarified that I appreciate the service that the police, firefighters, etc provide for our safety. I also appreciate things we’re entitled to in the Bill of Rights- these things are not mutually exclusive. With that said, I am still disappointed in the treatment of attendees during the chalk walk event. I was an innocent bystander that was affected and I only have my experience to share. I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I was present to witness a large group of police treat protestors in an extreme way, but they weren’t out of control or anything. I am torn because I’ve never in my life – not even for a second – hated a police officer. Seriously, never. I think they have it rough dealing with an emotional and fickled public. But still, I think that dressing to the 9s in riot gear and shutting down a protest  where people were writing with washable chalk within a large public event was extreme. Could it have gone differently? yes, I think so. Do I have a clue on how to problem solve on that scale to suggest how the police can deal with protestors? No – there are more qualified individuals for that.

My part-time gig making my own handmade jewelry is just that – part-time. It supplements my income. I had the proper permits to be there. I have a regular job and a family, just like other tax-paying voting Americans. I don’t appreciate the negative comments about my writing style, but then again I didn’t expect that many would see it. To the people that bashed me a bit in the comments of the LAist article, you don’t know anything about me or what I’m about so I’m going to chalk it up to you being a couple of cynics (pun intended). This blog was meant for a limited audience to share my frustration at being shut down, trapped and afraid. Any of you would have felt the same in my place.

Happy reading, internet!


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DTLA Art Walk and the Chalk Riots

This is how my night went. I drove to DTLA to vend my handmade jewelry at Art Walk. I was set up at the Spring Arcade with a group of artists on Spring between 5th and 6th. I got there at 5:45pm and started unloading my car and setting up after 6:15pm. The chalk protest started after we had parked and started setting up. I’ll be the first to admit that I thought the street chalk protest was a stupid idea because I was thinking “who cares” and went about my business. I have been doing art walk for months and nothing had ever happened before. Using Art Walk as a platform was probably a smart move for those that wanted to get the attention of the community but it also has a downside – it soured the art walk experience.

There were people with signs, chanting, and others were doodling on the sidewalk as a non-violent expression of their frustration. There was a recent arrest regarding writing on the sidewalk with  chalk and people were outraged. I heard political chants and there were some youths causing a ruckus, but they were not the majority – they were a handful of people. After 9pm the police moved in in full riot gear and made the crowd disperse on Spring street between 5th and 6th – right where we were set-up. Some rabble rousers ran through the I ART U DTLA market walkway and the doors were rolled down for our safety. It started to get pretty hairy outside. Police had completely blocked off Spring where we were and had set up a blockade in their riot gear. From what I saw the police were on high alert and we were caught in the middle of it.

The paying customers were told to leave the area and the lights were dimmed on the vendors. We asked what we should do and the security for Spring Arcade told me, “there is a riot going on outside. Stay here for your safety and forget everything else.” A riot? Seriously? I tried to explain that we wanted to go home but the scene was too active to get a human being to respond to actual questions. So we sat around for a half hour and then packed up for lack of better guidance – the night was officially ruined. We spent a lot to get in that space and our time was cut in half. Most vendors will admit that the majority of their sales happen in the last hour, so who knows what we could have made. I slowly packed up and waited. There were grumblings of wanting a refund. After 11pm we were finally able to take our things to our cars – almost all the vendors were parked next to the building and the lot had one exit on Spring st – which of course was block on both ends. The police did move to one side of the blockade at around 11:30pm to let us out, one by one. There was a wall of police in full riot gear walking together from 6th street to 5th street and that’s when it hit me – this is insane. We are human beings. Why are they treating us like the enemy?! How many innocent people got caught in the middle of this crap?

Covered in sweat with downtown grim in my pores, all I could think about was going home to my husband and showering for days. I drove home, numbed by the experience, angered by the way we were treated, and upset that I just lost a lot of money. When I got home I hydrated, washed up for bed and curled up into my husband’s chest and tell him what happened; he was sympathetic. I took a few minutes to look through facebook and realized that I should have tried to locate a friend and felt guilty. I didn’t think of anyone but myself and though it was a crazy night, I still feel like I should have helped that friend get out of there sooner. she did find a way home later on. I looked at cellphone footage from friends that were there and on youtube from strangers of police actions, protesters being carted off, and LAPD lashing out with batons and ignoring common sense. There was push-back after the police in riot gear showed up, but not before.

I saw people mistreated in my own country, in my own city, in my own lifetime. This experience has gone beyond my own financial loss and has brought me to finally understand why the chalk protest happened in the first place. The government is treated people like dirt and is suppressing our basic rights to be heard.  I am now a sympathizer and I am armed with anger. Shame on you LAPD for mistreating the people of our great city – the art walk crowd was shot at with rubber bullets. I don’t know if I want to return to Art Walk after this.

This morning I heard news reports on the way to work. They are completely-fucking-false. Instead of listening to that dribble, watch actual youtube footage and make your own decisions. The LAPD escalated the situation and the people responded, giving the LAPD some sort of twisted permission to crush the crowd of protesters and innocent bystanders alike. Ask yourself if riot gear and rubber bullets were the proper response to a sidewalk chalk demonstration during art walk.

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Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk – Thursday July 12, 2012 7-11:30pm!



You’ve been invited to attend DTLA Art Walk to support a collective of artisans that need you to drop in and say hello. Art Walk is a hub of the handmade movement and supports artists of all levels. We’ve been rocking art walk since Feb 2012 and our collective is still going strong.

Who we are:

July’s Pop-Up Handmade Boutique Creatives~

Dani Shriver ~ MyDaniMonster Jewelry (hosting)
Heather Duby-Tharpe ~ BBLUXE
Stephanie Payan ~ Unique Inspirations
Kim Weaver ~ Astera Leather
Christina Cabral ~ Jonah Elliot
Designs by BeJe ~

Downtown Los Angeles @ a NEW VENUE – Spring Arcade building on 541 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 (on Spring between 5th and 6th, 2nd entrance on Broadway!)

Date: Thursday, July 12th, 2012 Time: 7pm-11:30pm

Come visit and take home art, prints, original pieces, artisan jewelry, accessories, knick knacks, hand-painted glass wear & ceramics, ladies plus size clothing, and more!Image

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Email Newsletter #21: 411! Monster Newsletter

MyDaniMonster Jewelry

Email Newsletter #21: 411! Monster Newsletter
July edition

Dear Monsters:

The wedding was amazing, as was the cruise to Mexico. So far, so good! Here’s a photo of our pinky promise; credit to Violet Photography.

Clicking on the image will take you to my Wedding Love Pinterest board

Thursday, July 12, 2012 DTLA ART WALK ~ Handmade Boutique in Downtown Los Angeles @ Spring Arcade building on 541 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 (on Spring between 5th and 6th, 2nd entrance on Broadway!)
Thursday, August 9, 2012 – Husband’s birthday

BIG NEWS! Some select earrings and charm bracelets are available for purchase at Ma Maison and Gift Boutique – 24266 Valencia Blvd. (Whole Foods Shopping Center). Valencia, CA 91355. Hours: Mon-Sat 10a-6p, Sun 11a-5p. All of my charm bracelets are on display as well as 24 pairs of earrings.

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Please keep me in mind for vending opportunities in the Los Angeles County area.

Handmade Love,

Dani ~ Artisan
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So, I’m a Mrs now… weird!

Where have I been? I got myself a Mr Wife and cruised to Mexico for a week. Now that I’m back I’m somewhere between a lazy lump and forced motivation with jewelry making. Here’s my pinterest account for select photographs and pinned Wedding Love.

Also, my earrings and charm bracelets are now being sold in a boutique near my home in Valencia, CA – Ma-Maison and Gift. Go check them out during business hours and let me know if you picked up one my babies. xoxo

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July 2012 DTLA Art Walk – happening soon!

Vending Invitation

Invitation to vend at Downtown LA Art Walk

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 5-11pm
@334 South Main Street. Los Angeles, CA 90013

 Original application with details here
Returning vendors do not need to fill out the application again. Simply message me back if you’d like to vend.

PARTICIPATION COST: All vendors are pooling together resources to pay for a retail space at art walk for only $40 per spot. Dani Shriver will be responsible for paying the entire fee, coordinating creatives, space assignment, and may vend if there is room/time.

ADDTL INFO: Art Walk begins at 5pm, so early set-up is mandatory. You also must be able to get your display and items to and from your car in a timely manner and follow all the rules. Have prices lists, and labels for what things are.

RAFFLE: A raffle will be promoted leading up to the event and completed before the event is over. Raffle tickets can be purchased anytime for $1, and will be given away with purchases of $20+. An announcement will be done at a marked time for one item worth $20 or so (at a time) and the winner(s) must be present. Each vendor can choose to put in an item worth $10-20, and each item will be raffled off individually so there will be multiple winners. All those with non-winning raffle tickets should be offered a discount of a few bucks off vendor items in the shop to generate more sales. I want to be clear that participation and offering up raffle prizes is completely 100% voluntary for vendors. I will have a few pieces to start with of my own creations and you guys are free to add to the table if you like. Anyone that participates in the raffle gets a cut of the raffle ticket sales – its not a lot, but it helps get back your booth fees.


MyDaniMonster Jewelry (hosting)
Unique Inspirations
Astera Leather

We have room for more creatives and we’ll get a space to match interest – medium retail unit for 6 vendors and large retail unit for 8-12 vendors. This is the second summer Art Walk of the year and its a great time to meet other artists and network your buns off. You find out about other opportunities and make sales.

Here is a general map of the venue. We are hoping to have enough vendors for a medium or large space.
Medium spaces require 6 tables to break even on the booth fee. Large spaces require 8-9 vendors to break even.

This is a rough layout for a medium unit:

This is a rough space layout for a large unit:

For those of you that might be interested in vending at art walk after we’ve filled our spots, the venue has other options available, though working as a collective is cost-saving technique.

Do not hestitate to email with questions or concerns.

Handmade Love,

Dani Shriver ~ Artisan
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On vacay!

Hello internet!

So the big day is close. The wedding is this Saturday and on Sunday we go on a week-long cruise to the Mexican Riviera. I will be out of the office June 15-June 25 and will return June 26. I will not have access to my phone or to email during that time. We’ve got house/pet sitting happening and transportation under control. Everything is handled. Whatever monetary gifts we get will go with us on our trip towards our pre-paid cruise spending account or shore excursions. THIS IS HAPPENING!

In the meantime MyDaniMonster is paused until we return. If I get bored on the cruise I won’t have jewelry making to keep my hands busy. Awwww. I’ll miss you, home friends and family!

By MyDaniMonster