Email Newsletter #25: Tweet tweet! Early Bird Special for Valentine’s Day

MyDaniMonster Jewelry

Email Newsletter #25: Tweet tweet! Early Bird Special for Valentine’s Day 

Heya Monster lovers,

Its been a while. I thought I’d take a few weeks off after the hectic that was this holiday season. I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people and doing one-off events, as well as working on some jewelry repair and special commissions; so please let me know if you have any school fundraiser functions or a need for costume jewelry repaired.

Yesterday I was vending at two different events, and both were fairly quiet, so I thought that it would be beneficial for my customers to get special deals. I am offering 20% of regular pricing under the guise of an early bird Valentine’s Day special. The  coupon code is VDAY20OFF. Last year you might recall my rant about too much pressure on guys to make things perfect. I hope that this year you put that into practice and heed the advice of Bill S. Preston of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and, “be excellent to each other” (though they blatantly stole the phone both time travel from Doctor Who, the advice is sound). I would also like to see my single folks take care of themselves and not stress out about a Hallmark Holiday – do something nice for yourself because you’re awesome. With that said, if you want something shiny – come see me. I might have something the ladypies like.

Here’s a great Sterling Silver necklace available in my e-store

only $24 after discount applied. Regular price, $30.

I love you all and I hope that I see you soon. Text me if you’d like to hang out soon and please email me if you’ve got vending opportunities.

Handmade Love,

Dani ~ Artisan
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