Aah! Attention! Hide! My blog entry went further into the internet than I thought

I didn’t mean for anything to viral and have an audience so large regarding this blog, otherwise I would have censored the language and clarified that I appreciate the service that the police, firefighters, etc provide for our safety. I also appreciate things we’re entitled to in the Bill of Rights- these things are not mutually exclusive. With that said, I am still disappointed in the treatment of attendees during the chalk walk event. I was an innocent bystander that was affected and I only have my experience to share. I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I was present to witness a large group of police treat protestors in an extreme way, but they weren’t out of control or anything. I am torn because I’ve never in my life – not even for a second – hated a police officer. Seriously, never. I think they have it rough dealing with an emotional and fickled public. But still, I think that dressing to the 9s in riot gear and shutting down a protestĀ  where people were writing with washable chalk within a large public event was extreme. Could it have gone differently? yes, I think so. Do I have a clue on how to problem solve on that scale to suggest how the police can deal with protestors? No – there are more qualified individuals for that.

My part-time gig making my own handmade jewelry is just that – part-time. It supplements my income. I had the proper permits to be there. I have a regular job and a family, just like other tax-paying voting Americans. I don’t appreciate the negative comments about my writing style, but then again I didn’t expect that many would see it. To the people that bashed me a bit in the comments of the LAist article, you don’t know anything about me or what I’m about so I’m going to chalk it up to you being a couple of cynics (pun intended). This blog was meant for a limited audience to share my frustration at being shut down, trapped and afraid. Any of you would have felt the same in my place.

Happy reading, internet!


By MyDaniMonster

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