Fiverr Review – independent and Unbiased

So here’s an honest Fiverr experience. I signed up for Fiverr last month thinking that during downtime at work or at home I could easily make a quick buck. I checked out other people’s offers and created about 10 gigs. Of those 10 gigs one was used immediately for online reviews, but 5rr pulled the gig because it violated another sites TOS, which I understand. I had links to that 3rd party site blocked and was forced to cancel seven gigs. I offered a blanket positive online review of 50+ words and that picked up quickly and gave me the most revenue. Offering a physical item was not fruitful. My runner up gigs were helping to write wedding vows and reviewing/revamping someone’s resume. Though those two gigs are not as popular, it helps to keep my writing style present and I like helping others in a positive way.

When you do the math, a seller really don’t make all that much after all fees are taken. Fiverr takes $1 out of $5 immediately (that’s a 20% fee) and paypal takes their cut of a few cents. When you figure that you’re getting $3.92 it all of a sudden seems not worth the effort. WUT THE WUT?! But if you get enough gigs per week and you do a bunch of little jobs because you’ve got the time, then you can make some pocket change. In fact, the pocket change I’ve earned has paid for online advertising for my etsy shop on OBB three weeks in a row.

Thus far, I’ve done 21 gigs that took all of 3-10 minutes to complete. Super easy stuff that doesn’t involve illegal activity or shipping out items. My net revenue as of today is/will be $82.32, but sellers have to wait 2 weeks before they can transfer funds to a paypal account, so I tend to send $4-12 to my bank account whenever funds are ready for withdraw (once a week).

In conclusion, anything that takes someone more than 10 minutes of work (online or off) isn’t worth posting on Fiverr because a seller needs to get paid at least minimum wage for their time. Sellers are also in competition with one another for similar gigs and many competitors are overseas and can offer more work for less (depending on what you can offer). Its important to stay relevant on the first page and offer the most for someone’s money without overextending one’s own energy. So, sellers beware.

And as always, the #1 rule for everything in the history of ever – don’t be an asshole.

TL;DR summary – fiverr can be a rad as along as you don’t spend too much time working a gig and avoid violating other site’s terms of service and are patient.


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