My experience with TopHatter

I signed up with TopHatter, read the rules, and decided to try my hand at selling a pair of earrings worth $20 in my e-shop. I started the lot at $1 and stood back and watched as two people bid up to $4 and then it stopped. I didn’t want to panic but that was a low blow to my cost. Ah well, I shipped off the item quickly and wrote a thank you note. I also bid on a couple of lots of supplies from vendors and they arrived quickly.

My final experience was an attempt to list handmade earrings and they kept getting unlisted mysteriously. Finally, I emailed Tophatter staff with my issue. They were unable to figure out what happened so a staff member Sana scheduled me as first in line for an artisan jewelry auction. It was a nice gesture. A day later someone must have flagged my lot as miscategorized because it was removed from the auction. Imagine my frustration.

Now after all that back and forth it seems like its too much trouble to work one auction lot at a time and finding out that I will have to fight with other vendors to get a spot made the site unattractive. Its seems so petty to flag other vendors to try and bump your own item up and it seems too trusting of a web company to allow people to flag one another with no repercussions. I had high hopes for TH but it has too many issues with scheduling a lot successfully, and overall breeds dishonest behavior through unnecessary competition. I’m expending too much energy on this and will be shutting down my TH account this week.

My experience: Two thumbs down, TopHatter.

By MyDaniMonster

17 comments on “My experience with TopHatter

  1. Tophatter discriminate’s it is not a free market place
    The host sell there own items while they host in auctions
    If it is not an item they think will sell they place you at the end of the line while somebody else’s item is placed at the top.It is a great concept that can work with
    another auction company until then… Tophatter sucks

  2. Ok so today I get an email from tophatter letting meknow somone reported my rings as unauthentic..everyone sells them yet mine were pulled theirs were not. Seems strange and some useless jealous biatch reported them anyways I quit th..once my items r shipped I’m out and I sell a lot..besides I’m sick of the whiny ppl where’s my ring where’s this where’s that I paid you..just pathetic useless my advice to anyone selling on th..leave is not worth the aggrivation..tophatter will defend the buyer 100 percent..and forget the sellers. The site is becoming a joke just like yardseller..always protecing buyers..they don’t realize without sellers there r nk buyers th is a sinking ship and I’m jumping in the lifeboat..bon voyage..

  3. I wouldnt recomend tophatter to a snake. If you are a seller forget it ..The experience i had was terrible i sold a ring shipped it out 4 days after she paid she received the ring left me negative feedback stating ” I love the ring however it took too long to be delivered. Really??? Just a useless person..This was my first sale..I found out through a friend you can ask th staff to look into it and they can turn it into a positive. nope wrong. They also encourage negative feedback if the person has issues.. Tophatter will be gone soon. its a sinking ship. Ive heard horror stories from sellers. They need to rethink the way they allow stupid useless miserable people leave feedback. Its definately a site that favors certain people. The staff are useless. To tell everyone to leave appropriate (NEGATIVE) feedback is rediculous..and as far as someone telling you not to sell something?? They are a clicky group of trolls. Ive been in auctions where 4 or 5 people saying so and so check your email fast and the item sold for like 3 dollars.. its just not for me i guess. I hate that site..Whatever.. Best of luck everyone..

  4. I have been a seller on Tophatter for a while now. I like the avatars but TopHatter as a whole frustrates me at every turn. The last couple of months I have received a couple of very stupid negative feedbacks. First of all I have to say that I also sell on Etsy and have shows and I’ve never had the problems that I’ve had on TopHatter. Anyway, I went on their forums to set up a Bad Buyers list, you know to see if anyone else was having the same types of problems. They deleted my post! Stating it was not constructive. ?!?! Really?! After several more attempts to reason with them and me reposting, they banned me from participating in the forum. They definitely like to sweep issues under the table. If they don’t like what you say, they mute you, delete your comments, ban you, or refuse to answer emails. They are not for sellers that’s for sure. There are supposed to be new auction sites that are starting up in early 2013, I would recommend that you avoid TopHatter and wait for the new ones. Surely they can’t be as bad as TopHatter.

    • Damn right. If by ‘bitch’ you mean I know where to take my business if the place doesn’t meet my needs. Now, I’m fairly certain that you are taking my completely legitimate review a bit personal. I’m willing to bet that you work at this establishment seeing as how your IP address indicates an unprotected IP location in the Palo Alto, CA area where Tophatter headquarters seem to be. Please take this as a warning that the internet doesn’t mean anonymity anymore. Whichever employee posted from their home in Chinatown area of Santa Clara, CA 95051 should be ashamed of him or herself. In fact, being in customer service for more than ten years, I’d say you don’t deserve the job you have. And if you are, by some miracle, an owner or shareholder that got a little overzealous about your service – now the world knows what an asshole you are.

      • LMAO … Nothing like being busted ….. atleast be smart enough to disquse who you are using language like that LOL Fire the idiot!!

        Sorry but this site came up today to look at … I’m an ex_Tophatter now too … Started in Feb and booted out a couple days ago … Oh well I was begging for a sale in that place anyway … shouldn’t have to beg to do business!! I have nothing good to say about the unmentionable place that doesn’t even deserve to use their name…. is were everyone is taking their business prior and even more now!!

        Love your comment to that foolish person dear MyDaniMonster :=)


      • Seems to me that it’s run by teenagers considering the responses and horrible understanding of good business practices. I have over 20 years of customer serice experience and the admins of th are completely clueless.

  5. I was researching Tophatter when I came across your review. I like how you busted Whee in the comments. Most of the reviews out there seem to agree with yours.

  6. Shirley Margaret smith is a scammer she asked people like me to sell her supply’s on tophatter
    So I did and so did people to find out she never sent there supply’s and now her customers are telling me I owe them money. I have never ever did or done anything like this in my inter life this woman nerds to be in prison not selling with people

  7. I advise Everyone to go buy on Tophatter! Its a great site if you like to buy things for 4-5 times their cost and then complain to sellers because you don’t do your research before hand. Its OK though, Tophatter will back you as a buyer and make the seller give you your money back even if Paypal finds you to be in the wrong, its no big deal just make a fuss and the seller will be forced to refund you or else have their account remain suspended. The sellers are all just little sellers anyways they don’t matter they only have families to feed, many of these people have disabled children, are disabled themselves or have racked up enormous amounts of debt
    Tophatter even gives yo a $5.00 credit for downloading their crappy App! Make sure that you update it though because if you don’t people will have unauthorized access to your account and all your personal details! Best freebie site in the WORLD get your merchandise and your money in the tophatter game app called screw a seller, all you have to do is send them threatening messages about how you are unhappy with your item, not so much that you want to send it back but enough you are going to call your lawyer, get paypal involved, the local police because every seller there by default is fraudulent as soon as the buyer says so without any proof and walk away with a coach bag and a smile knowing you got your way.

  8. There have been multiple complaints from buyers and tophatter has sided with them in regards to items received not as described or not ever received. However, in many of these cases the tracking number shows that the item WAS received or the item did match what was described (such as listing as lab created diamond and then the buyer says “not a real natural diamond’). However, per reports posted on their own forum tophatter has ignored such evidence and still sided with the buyer. I do know that there is a group attempting to collect this ongoing wrongdoing on the part of tophatter in attempts to approach an attorney with a class action lawsuit to force tophatter to be responsible for their actions. If any of you have had any unjust refund or be banned issues as a seller, please go to this FB page to join in on getting a collection of people for a class action Most likely the individual gain will not be much to one but the financial losses for TH will finally make them own up to their actions if it goes through.

  9. I bought some jewelry from your company. I got some of it but not all. You said you would reimburse me however you have not. I was at Lomond Care then (524 E. 800 North, Ogden, UT, 84404), now I am at 3306 Washington Blvd, Ogden UT, 84401(new address) you said you would give me my money back but you have not done that either. 385-238-5578 is my same number. Please send me the items that or reimburse me. I paid for three bags of items but hardly got any of the jewelry groups I paid for. I sent back the items I didn’t order, please send me the orders I paid for. Thank you. Loretta Baca. I followed your return policy and reimburse one but that didn’t work either. I send pictures of what I ordered and what I didn’t order. Still nothing done on your end to fix this or give me back my money. Thank you. Miss Baca.

    • Hi there. I saw a comment on my jewelry business blog and was a bit confused. Did you mean to write me or were you trying to contact TopHatter company? I am a jewelry maker that only sells through Etsy (and hardly anything on there lately) and I don’t have you as a customer.

      I recommend not posting your phone number in public comments for your own security.

      Regards and good luck,

      Dani Shriver

      PS your email bounced back or else I would have responded privately.

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