Vendor Invitation – Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk – June 2012!!!

Invitation to vend at Downtown LA Art Walk
First Art Walk of the Summer!

Thursday, June 14th, 2012 5-11pm
@334 South Main Street. Los Angeles, CA 90013

 Original application with details here
Returning vendors do not need to fill out the application again. Simply message me back if you’d like to vend.

PARTICIPATION COST: All vendors are pooling together resources to pay for a retail space at art walk for only $40 per spot. Dani Shriver will be responsible for paying the entire fee, coordinating creatives, space assignment, and may vend if there is room. But probably not since its 2 days before the wedding.

ADDTL INFO: Art Walk begins at 5pm, so early set-up is mandatory. You also must be able to get your display and items to and from your car in a timely manner and follow all the rules. Have prices lists, and labels for what things are.

RAFFLE: This time around, if there is a raffle we will not be doing one large basket of items; more like purchases of $20 and over get a raffle ticket with their purchase. Individual tickets can be purchased for $1. An announcement will be done at a marked time for one item worth $20 or so and the winner must be present.


MyDaniMonster Jewelry (hosting)
Unique Inspirations

We have room for more creatives. This is the first summer Art Walk of the year and other vendors and artist tell me that summer sales definitely pick up.
If we get 3 more creatives we’ll get a medium space. If we have 5+ creatives, we’ll grab a large space.

Here is a general map of the venue. We are hoping to have enough vendors for a medium or large space.
Medium spaces require 6 tables to break even on the booth fee. Large spaces require 8-9 vendors to break even.

This is a rough layout for a medium unit:

This is a rough space layout for a large unit:

For those of you that might be interested in vending at art walk after we’ve filled our spots, the venue has other options available. I’ve been asked how the space up front worked for us – I don’t think we’ll be grabbing that particular spot again. Corner units are the most desirable but for the sake of affordability we’re going to stick with medium and large units.

Do not hestitate to email with questions or concerns.

Handmade Love,

Dani Shriver ~ Artisan
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