Happy Mothers Day, and effin bees

I am a mom and I try not to expect too much for my birthday, xmas, or Mother’s Day. Its a bit difficult NOT to because I know what I want/like/need/ask for, but there are times when I ask my daughter for jewelry and I get a plastic ring with a dead bee in it. Yes, that really happened. Yes, I was obligated to wear it for the day to appease the gift giver since she’s a kid. I love my daughter and I appreciate when she makes me things and draws a million pictures of us next to a disproportionate house, but sometimes I just want a frackin necklace.

With that said, I make my own jewelry that I personally love – I would sport any of the items I make and vend. Something like the below Mom necklace would go so much further and would make me feel appreciated than a bouquet of flowers with the price tag still on it. But that’s just me. I’m just a mom who knows what she likes.

Choose carefully this Sunday.  Disappointed Mom is not what anyone wants.

By MyDaniMonster

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