Fiverr ~ a broke girl’s best friend

Fiverr is a cool place to buy and sell $5 gigs.  The payment is delayed by 14 days after approval, but other than that the opportunity to earn some cash is fabulous. I made about 10 gigs, and cut them down to six after a week. The most popular gigs I’ve done involve writing reviews for products and services.

Here are my current fiverr gigs:

I will write a mature break up letter for $5

I will rt, Share, G+ you for one week as a big fan for $5

I will help you write wedding vows for $5

I will mail out classy handmade earrings for $5

I will review/critique/upgrade your resume for $5

I will write a 50+ word review of your company and or product for $5

I will draw a sharpie doodle of your likeness for $5

suggestions are welcome.

Should you want to try Fiverr I suggest reading carefully and really doing research about what to offer, turn-around time, and honesty.


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